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Science and Technology Library

Pecheroga Natalia Head of Library nvpech(at)mao.kiev.ua
Gladkohata Larisa Chief Librarian glav(at)mao.kiev.ua

The Observatory's Library contains more than 74.910 thousand printed books and journals (on January 1, 2018) with 20.775 thousand foreign languages items.

The Library fund is the universal documentary base for research and developments in natural and technical sciences. The Library stores books, journals, catalogues, documents on astronomy, astrophysics, physics, mechanics, optics, meteorology, computer sciences, etc. The Library also has an e-catalogue of books and an e-card index of publications of scientists of the Observatory.


List of new periodicals (renewing every Monday):


Foreign journals:

  1. Last week
  2. Advances in Astronomy and Space Physics (Kyiv). 2016 Vol.6, is.1
    ESO. The Messenger. 2017 No.170
    Journal of Hydrometeorology (Am. Meteorological Society). 2016 Vol.17 Nos. 9,10,11,12
    Journal of Hydrometeorology (Am. Meteorological Society). 2017 Vol.18 No.1
    Latvian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences. 2012 Vol.49 No.3
    Latvian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences. 2013 Vol.50 No.5
    Space Research Review (Latvia). 2012 Vol.1
    Space Research Review (Latvia). 2016 Vol.4
  3. Three weeks ago
  4. Condensed Matter Physics (Lviv). 2017 Vol.20 No.4
    Nature. 2017 Vol.551 N7679,7680,7682
    Nature. 2017 Vol.552 N7683,7684
    Peanuts.A Biotechnical Newsletter. 2017 Vol.13 is.2
    Serbian Astronomical Journal (Belgrade). 2017 No.195

Journals on various disciplines (in Ukrainian, Russian):

  1. Last week
  2. Дім,сад,город. 2018 N2
    Доповіді НАН України. 2018 N1
    Космічна наука і технологія. 2017 Т.23 N6
    Личности. 2018 N2
    Прикладная механика. 2017 Т.53 N5,6
  3. Three weeks ago
  4. Бібліотечний вісник. 2017 N6
    Вісник НАН України. 2018 N1
    Вокруг света. 2018 N2
    Дім, сад, город. 2018 N1
    Дачные советы. 2018 N1
    Добрые советы. 2018 N2
    Доповіді НАН України. Сер. Математика, природознавство.... 2017 N12
    Космічна наука і технологія. 2017 Т.23 N5
    Психология и я. 2018 N1
    Сваты на даче. 2017 N12


List of periodicals (renewing every Monday)