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The Observatory's Library contains more than 74.910 thousand printed books and journals (on January 1, 2018) with 20.775 thousand foreign languages items.

The Library fund is the universal documentary base for research and developments in natural and technical sciences. The Library stores books, journals, catalogues, documents on astronomy, astrophysics, physics, mechanics, optics, meteorology, computer sciences, etc. The Library also has an e-catalogue of books and an e-card index of publications of scientists of the Observatory.


List of new periodicals (renewing every Monday):


Foreign journals:

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  2. ROOM. The Space Journal. 2018 No.2(16), 3(17), 4(18)
    Serbian Astronomical Journal. 2018 No.196, 197

Journals on various disciplines (in Ukrainian, Russian):

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  2. Бібліотечний вісник. 2018 N5,6
    Вісник НТШ (Наукове товариство ім.Шевченка). 2018 число 60 (осінь-зима)
    Вокруг света. 2019 N2
    Дім, сад, город. 2019 N1
    Дачные советы. 2019 N2
    Добрые советы. 2019 N2
    Доповіді НАН України. Сер. Математика, природознавство.... 2019 N1
    Охорона праці. 2019 N1
    Препринты Объед.ин-та ядер.исслед. (Дубна). 2018 N Р4-59; Р4-61; Р5-65; Р10-63; Р18-29
    Психология и я. 2019 N1


List of periodicals (renewing every Monday)