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In Memoriam

IN MEMORIAM: Klim I.Churyumov (19.02.1937-15.10.2016)

Klim Churyumov

The Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is very sad to announce the passing of Professor Klim I.Churyumov on 15 October 2016.

With deep regret we announce that October 15, 2016 by 80-year life passed away the world famous Ukrainian scientist, explorer and discoverer of comets, member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Klim Churyumov

The heart of the great man was given to science. He made an enormous contribution to the training of scientific and pedagogical staff, a generation of astronomers grew up on his books. Ukraine lost the heart of his great citizen, but the memory of him will remain eternal.

We express our sincere condolences to the family of the deceased, share her grief. He was a happy husband, father, grandfather. We understand the bitterness of the loss of all those who knew, loved and respected Klim Ivanovich




Main Astronomical Observatory NAS of Ukraine

Main Astronomical Observatory of NAS of Ukraine was founded July 17, 1944 on the initiative of famous scientist, astronomer and geophysicist O.Ya. Orlov (1880 - 1954). It is located 12 km from the center of Kyiv Holosiiv forest (hence its unofficial name - Holosiivska).

Observatory was headed by Acad. of USSR Academy of Sciences O.Ya.Orlov (1944 - 1948 and 1951 - 1952); Corresponding Member of USSR Academy of Sciences V.P. Tsesevych (1948 - 1951), Corresponding Member of USSR Academy of Sciences A.A. Yakovkin (1952 - 1959), Academician of UkSSR Academy of Sciences E.P. Fedorov (1959 - 1973), Ph.D. I.K. Koval (1973 - 1975). Since 1975 the Observatory of NAS of Ukraine has been headed by Academician of NAS of Ukraine Yaroslav Stepanovich Yatskiv.

Observatory takes leading place in many areas of astronomy, such as the study of Earth's rotation and construction of coordinate systems in space, physics photosphere of the Sun and solar system formation and evolution of stars and galaxies, and others.

In the MAO the Post-graduate and Specialized Scientific Council for doctoral and master's theses in physics and mathematics works in the fields:

  • astrometry and celestial mechanics
  • astrophysics, radio astronomy
  • heliophysics and physics of the solar system
  • remote aerospace research

GAO publishes magazines "Physics and Kinematics of Celestial Bodies", "Space science and technology" and the annual "Astronomical Calendar"

Achievements of Observatory scientists more than once winned State awards and medals of the USSR and Ukraine in the field of science and technology, awards of NAS of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, international awards, among them "Dr. Demyaniv Foundation. For peace and freedom of Ukraine" and EU Descartes Prize 2003, the medal named. Yuri Gagarin and the Order "For Merit".

In 2004, MAO was awarded by Certificate of Honor of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in connection with 60 - anniversary of MAO and the minor planet number 15675 was named "Holosyeyevo" in honor of Holosiivska Observatory.

Observatory has six academic departments: physics of stars and galaxies, astrometry and space geodynamics, space plasma physics, physics of planetary systems, solar physics, physics of minor celestial bodies and laboratories for atmospheric optics, for transient phenomena in stars and for instrumentation as well as Astro/Space Information and Computing Centre (ASICC).




Moon craters were named after O.Ya.Orlov, A.O.Yakovkin, I.V.Gavrilov

Minir planets are name after MAO scientists: №2724 «Orlov», №2728 «Yatskiv», №3965 «Konoplyova», №3966 «Shulnazaria» (in honor of L.M.Shulman and G.K.Nazarchuk), №7628 «Yevgenyfedorov» (in honor of Ye.P.Fedorov), №14346 «Zhylyayev».

MAO scientists winned State awards:

The State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology:

1983: Ye.P.Fedorov, Ya.S.Yatskiv, I.V.Gavrilov, D.P.Duma, V.S.Kislyk, A.O.Korsun', A.M.Kurianova for the cycle of work: «Development of the theory and practical construction of coordinate systems for geodynamic, selenodetic and space research»

1986: V.G. Parusimov in the group of authors for the work «Analogous and digital processing of astronomic observations»

1998: D.Ya. Yatskiv in the group of authors for the work «Physical bases, development and creation of highly stable laser systems for metrology, analytical measurements and fundamental research»

2003: Yu.Yu. Balega (SAO RAS), Ye.A. Gurtovenko, M.V. Karpov, R.R. Kondratyuk, R.I. Kostyk, O.V. Morozhenko, O.V. Sergeyev, V.K. Taradiy., E.G. Yanovitsky, Ya.S.Yatskiv for the cycle of researches «Development of the theoretical bases and unique observational framework in Holosiiv and Terskol for studies of the Sun and Solar System Bodies»

The State Prize of the USSR in the field of science and technology:

1986: Ya.S. Yatskiv in the group of authors for the development of the scientific complex of the space mission to Halley's Comet.




Kuchmiy Hanna

internal address:

+(380) 44 526-31-10
+(380) 44 526-21-47
room 207, tel. 3-55



Head clerk Korsun Tetiana

internal address:

+(380) 44 526-08-69
+(380) 44 526-21-47
room 230, tel. 3-57


Postal address:

Main astronomical observatory

of National academy of sciences of Ukraine

27 Akademika Zabolotnoho St.

03680 MSP,Kyiv, Ukraine


trolleybus №11 ( from Expotsentr (The National Complex “Expocenter of Ukraine”)stop to the last stop)
or minibus №496 (from Lukianivska metro station or bus stops "Epitsentr", "Zabolotnoho", "Metrologichna" to the stop: "Feofania hospital, housing 2").