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TOPIC: August Issue: How We Conquered the Planet

August Issue: How We Conquered the Planet 5 years 9 months ago #532

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Від: "Scientific American"
Кому: "yatskiv"
Надіслано: Середа, 15 Липень 2015 р 21:19:33
Тема: August Issue: How We Conquered the Planet

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SciAm.com - Issue Alert - SA July 15, 2015

The Most Invasive Species of All
Many human species have inhabited the earth. But ours is the only one that colonized the entire planet. A new hypothesis explains why links.email.scientificamerican.com/ctt?k...=NzIxOTM0NTcxS0&rt=0

In Search of Alien Jupiters
Two rival teams of astronomers are racing to capture unprecedented images of giant planets around other stars. What they find could change the future of planet hunting links.email.scientificamerican.com/ctt?k...=NzIxOTM0NTcxS0&rt=0

Hidden Hearing Loss
Jackhammers, concerts and other common noisemakers may cause irreparable damage to our ears in unexpected ways links.email.scientificamerican.com/ctt?k...=NzIxOTM0NTcxS0&rt=0

Change of State
Searching for California's missing moisture links.email.scientificamerican.com/ctt?k...=NzIxOTM0NTcxS0&rt=0

Planet Hard Drive
What is the information storage capacity of Earth, and how full is it today? The answer tells us surprising things about the growth of order in the universe links.email.scientificamerican.com/ctt?k...=NzIxOTM0NTcxS0&rt=0

Forests on the March
Trees can't walk to a better place as climate worsens. So scientists are relocating helpful genes instead links.email.scientificamerican.com/ctt?k...=NzIxOTM0NTcxS0&rt=0

A New Vision for Testing
Too often school assessments heighten anxiety and hinder learning. New research shows how to reverse the trend links.email.scientificamerican.com/ctt?k...=NzIxOTM0NTcxS0&rt=0

Testing the Team Player
The world's most watched test, the PISA, ventures into a new domain: instant messaging links.email.scientificamerican.com/ctt?k...=NzIxOTM0NTcxS0&rt=0

Kids Are Scientists, Too
Why the Next Generation Science Standards will succeed links.email.scientificamerican.com/ctt?k...=NzIxOTM0NTcxS0&rt=0

Why Cramming Gets a "C"
Studies show that spacing out learning over time works best links.email.scientificamerican.com/ctt?k...=NzIxOTM0NTcxS0&rt=0

Science for All
A new breed of schools is closing achievement gaps among students and may hold the key to a revitalized 21st-century workforce links.email.scientificamerican.com/ctt?k...=NzIxOTM0NTcxS0&rt=0

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