Monitoring Of Secondary Cosmic Rays
Muon Component Neutron Component Gamma Component Local Gamma Radiation Contacts

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The page contains results of monitoring of secondary cosmic rays in Kiev. The equipment for registration muon, neutron and gamma component of secondary cosmic rays is installed in the Main Astronomical Observatory (MAO) under supervising of the Joint Laboratory of Atmospheric Optics and Aerosol of MAO and KNU. Results of registration local gamma radioactivity are presented as well.

The muon component of secondary cosmic rays is registered by monitor on the basis of organic plastic.

Registration the neutron component of secondary cosmic rays is carried out by the helium neutron counters.

The gamma component of secondary cosmic rays, and local gamma radioactivity are registered by the Geiger-Muller counters telescope in a mode of integrated gamma radiation registration, and in modes of double and threefold concurrence.

All data are presented in relative units and in the form of daily archives in *.rar format. The statistics set begins in 0:00:00, the end of the set is at 23:59:59. Data are presented in the text format.

Data can be used for study of the regional climate change, atmospheric processes and the role of space rays in that processes.

The PI of research in Kiev: Head ot the Spece Physics Laboratory of the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University (KNU), Dr. Gennadi Milinevsky.

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