Program of summer school in Kiev

Dates: 15.-17. September 2008
Location: The Geography Faculty of the Taras Shevchenko National University, ac. Glushkov ave., 2, Kyiv
Local organizer: Dr. Mikhail Sosonkin, Main Astronomical Observatory, Ukrainian National Academy of Science (NAS of Ukraine), Kiev



Dr. Andre S.H. Prevot
Head of the Gasphase and Aerosol Chemistry group in the Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry, Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Johannes Staehelin
Leader of the group "ozone research" at the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate (IACETH), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ), Switzerland


Prof. Dr. Sergiy Snizhko
Head of Meteorological Department, National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv

Prof. Vitaly A. Prusov
Meteorology and Climatology Department of the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv

Dr. Vladimir Bogillo
Senior Principal Scientist, Department of Antarctic Geology and Geoecology, Institute of Geological Sciences of NAS of Ukraine, Kiev

Dr. Gennadi Milinevsky
Head of Space Physics Department, National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine

Dr Angelina Shavrina
Senior Researcher, Main Astronomical Observatory, NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv

Dr. Mikhail Sosonkin
Head of Laboratory for Atmosphere Optics, Main Astronomical Observatory, Ukrainian National Academy of Science (NAS of Ukraine), Kiev


Dr. Oksana Tarasova
Moscow State University, presently at Max Plank Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany

Dr. Anatoly M. Zvyagintsev
Head of Laboratory, Ozone Monitoring Department, Central Aerological Observatory (CAO), Dolgoprudny, Russia

Monday, 15. September

Registration: 08.30-09.15

1. Welcome and introduction (09.15-09.45)

Prof. Dr. Yaroslav B. Oliynyk, Dean of the Geography Faculty of the Taras Shevchenko National University, Johannes Staehelin , Organization of the meeting Main Astronomical Observatory (Mikhail Sosonkin)

2. Local air pollution

Johannes Staehelin: Ozone formation in the troposphere: Basic mechanisms and photooxidant air pollution (09-45-10.45).
Coffee break (10.45-11.15)
Angelina Shavrina: Study of surface ozone in Kiev by model-based analysis with use of UAM-V (11.15-12.15)
Lunch break (12.15-13.30)
Johannes Staehelin: Road traffic emissions in Switzerland: Results from the Gubrist tunnel (13.30-14.20)
14.20-14.50 Coffee break
Andre S.H. Prevot: Introduction into Particulate matter research: Measurement techniques, formation, influence on air quality and climate (14.50-15.50). Andre S.H. Prevot: Recent results in formation and source apportionment of particulate matter (15.50-16.50).

Tuesday, 16. September

3. Ozone in the remote troposphere

Mikhail Sosonkin: Measurements of tropospheric ozone concentration at Terskol mountain (09.15-10.00)
Oksana Tarasova: Results of SNF Joint Research project "Variability and long-term trends of tropospheric ozone: Comparison and interpretation of measurements of Caucasian and Central European mountain sits using a Lagrangian approach" (project: #²Â7320-110831 project (10.00-10.45)
Coffee break (10.45-11.00)
Johannes Staehelin: Longterm trends of tropospheric ozone: A critical review (11.00-11.50)
Lunch break (11.50-13.00)

4.Other topics

Oksana Tarasova: RF & EU scientists co-operation in atmosphere researches (13.00-13.45)
Dr. V. Bogillo: Transboundary Transfer of Atmospheric Aerosols and POPs over Ukraine and Adsorption Thermodynamics and Chemical Kinetics of VOCs on the Surface of Solid Aerosol' Components (13.45-14.30)
Coffee Break (14.30-14.50)
Dr. V.Bogillo: The formation, transport, partitioning and fate of organohalogens in Antarctica (14.50-15.35)
Prof. Prusov: Methods of efficient modeling and forecasting different scale atmospheric processes: problem-solving numerical procedure of mesoscale forecast on basis of multiple nodes interpolation technique and problem-solving numerical procedure of macroscale forecast on basis of upstream finite-difference scheme (15.35-16.20)

Short presentations of graduate students (participants)

Wednesday, 17. September

4. Stratospheric ozone

Dr. Anatoly Zvyagintsev: Ozone in atmosphere: General concepts, units of measurements, sources and sinks, basic observational results: vertical distribution, geographical distribution, periodical and aperiodical variability, relations with solar and geophysical factors" (09.00-09.45)
Angelina Shavrina: Determination of total ozone and the retrieving ozone profiles according to Fourier-spectrometer observational data (09.45-10.30)
Coffee break (10.30-11.00)
Gennadi Milinevsky: Eleven years Ukraine Antarctic research in connection to climate change (11.00-11.45)
Coffee break (12.30-13.15)
Gennadi Milinevsky: Planetary waves and zonal asymmetry in ozone distribution above Antarctica (11.45-12.30)
Lunch break (12.30-13.15)
Sergiy Snizhko: Dynamics of total ozone above Ukraine (13.15-14.00)
Sergiy Snizhko: Action of geophysical factors on the total ozone formation: global and regional aspects (14.00-14.45)
Coffee break (14.45-15.10)
Johannes Staehelin: Is the ozone layer recovering? (15.00-16.00)
Final discussion and concluding remark (16.00-17.00)

J.St./M.S. 25.8.2008